Who Is Day One Global?

We are an advocacy organization that seeks to end rape and all other forms of sexual assault in Uganda by offering to listen, support and rehabilitate survivors/former victims, and ultimately hoping to create the awareness needed to stamp out this crime. We believe in a culture of honesty, and therefore employ an open door policy where victims can come and freely tell their stories to begin the process of healing. We offer to stand with those subjected to and harmed by any form of sexual assault, so they won’t be without someone to look to for support. We will be here for you, right from the start, from Day One, to the very end.

We believe in the power of conversations and dialogue as the first step towards healing and towards the creation of a new story for survivors of sexual assault. We give an understanding ear with no judgement, and later empower you to identify your own platform that you can use to tell your story and contribute to the cause of ending the crime.

Most importantly, we seek to sensitize both rural and urban communities about rape culture, through institutions/schools, corporations, refugee communities, etc using all our platforms, foot soldiers, health workers, etc. We know that conversations with the right entities and individuals will do a good job in creating awareness and pushing for action with the aim of putting an end to sexual assault in Uganda.

Would you like to join our cause, do not hesitate to reach out ?

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