It is unsolicited but we are still sexually harassed. 

On  October 12, 2019 Judith Heard took the initiative to speak to the ladies working at the Royal Ascot Goat Races held at Speke Resort at the shores of Lake Victoria. 

The discussion centered on rape & sexual assault in the work place. To this day approximately 51,000 incidents of rape and sexual assault occur in the workplace. What are we doing about it? 

They shared that sexual harassment does come in different forms, most of the time, unsolicited. 

“We dress decently, will be respectful to our bosses, but somehow, it’s not enough, we get to be gropped or hear suggestive comments’’ – Sarah 

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of situations. These are examples of sexual harassment, not intended to be all-inclusive but to provide guidance as you assess a work situation.

  • Unwanted jokes, gestures, offensive words on clothing, and unwelcome comments and repartee that is sexual in nature.
  • Touching and any other bodily contact or near contact such as scratching or patting a coworker’s back, grabbing an employee around the waist, kissing an employee, hugging an employee, or interfering with an employee’s ability to move, such as blocking their ability to get up from their chair.
  • Repeated requests for dates or other get-togethers that are turned down or unwanted flirting.
  • Transmitting or posting emails or pictures of a sexual or other harassment-related nature.
  • Watching pornography or other suggestive material online or on smartphones even if the employee who is watching is situated in a private office.
  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or posters in the workplace.
  • Playing sexually suggestive music.

To the women in the work industry are you in one or two of these situations. Do not let your voice go unheard.


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