I was assaulted by our house help. It’s hard to get intimate with anyone.

“I hope one day I get the strength to tell my story but I’m still a slave to the past. I was raped on multiple accounts by the house help when I was a child and he used to tell me no one would believe me if I told them and that it was because I wore skirts around him, so technically, I was asking for it. After 21 years I’ve told only my big sister. I still can’t enjoy sex because whenever I get intimate with someone, I get flashbacks so my body shuts down. That’s why my heart breaks anytime someone is sexually abused because I was there – my innocence was taken from me when I had no choice and people say things get better but do they really? Those images will never leave me. The pain won’t and the saddest part is that roughly 7/10 girls are sexually assaulted in the ages 7-18. To think that more people go through this is heart-shattering.”

– Anonymous

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